Price list

deski mięs maleIn order for your precious time and his continued absence, we are pleased to offer our products are made ​​to individual order.

The offer has been prepared so that with minimal effort, and money celebrate any event or corporate family and other social gatherings or business (eg meeting of the supervisory board).

Price includes ready, garnished platters and delivery to the customer. There is a significant number of people. Once your website is just take care of the table setting. But it also can do for you.

The following offer and prices:

Pork in aspic with horseradish paste (30cmx20cm dish-6 slices) - 16 zł

Pork Jelly (portion) - 2,5 zł

Tymbalik poultry (portion) - 2,5 zł

Salads (bowl - 20cm diameter, depth 8cm) - for about 6 people - 25 zł

Board or platter of roasted meats and sausages (big 1,4 kg) - 65 zł

Board or platter of roasted meats and sausages (small 0.7 kg) - 35 zł

Croquettes of meat (pieces) - 3,50 zł

Croquettes with cabbage and mushrooms (pieces) - 3,50 zł

Croquettes with mushrooms and cheese (units) - 3,50 zł

Patties of dough with meat stuffing and sesame (units) - 1,50 zł

Pate Boleściński (local regional dish) 1 kg - 25 zł

Slips chicken (pieces) - 8 zł

Beef Rolls with sauce (pcs) - 11 zł

Dumplings (1 kg) - 10 zł

Dumplings (1 kg) - 10 zł

Sandwiches (units) - 1,50 zł

We can also prepare something special for your request - dishes that you remember from your childhood, traditional or quite innovative dishes. Special orders priced individually.

For orders less than 100 zł charge a fee for transportation.

Feel free to contact:

Guest House Katarzynka, Boleścin 8, 58-100 Świdnica

tel. 74 850 19 19, 605 222 213