menuThe guest house "Katarzynka" are offered the following products taking into account the regional bond:

1. Black pudding Boleścińska
2. Sausage Boleścińska
3. Lard own production.
4. Buckwheat dumplings recipe farmers' wives in Boleścinie.
5. Trout Klodzki.

At Home in the Garden "Katarzynka" in the menu served to our guests are served regional products from the Lower Silesia based on traditional recipes brought to this land by the people of the entire Polish. Ongoing products are served from a nearby butcher's shop in Boleścinie which has two regional products such as black pudding and sausage. Other products are also high quality and have a distinctive traditional flavor achieved through the use of meat produced and smell obtained from natural smoking. comes from the butcher also used by our raw material for their products. Ongoing work also a newly formed group in Boleścinie Village Renovation work at the country club. way of cooperation in introducing our new menu with regional products. On the basis of co-operation have been introduced products such as buckwheat dumplings, homemade pate in the traditional recipe of one of the members of the group, lard whose characteristic flavor is so used spice. Served also grilled trout with herbs and garlic purchased from local growers. prepare their own preparations such as pickles according to our own recipe with garlic, grape leaves and black currant, pepper, canned, tomato puree, pickled beets in brine. All products are purchased from local farmers. For our guests we give also your own fruit from the surrounding pension old fruit trees, grown without the use of chemicals. They are mostly old Polish winter varieties of apples and walnuts, summer seasonal fruits: cherries , plums, currants, pears. serve also own homemade fruit wine and wine style. specialize in the sale of unpasteurized beer from local breweries including brewery in Lwowek Slaski.

The specificity of us is that the restaurant is not open on a regular basis. Our food is served to guests who order from us before his visit, both individual and collective events. We are able to handle up to 80 or 60 people at parties with dancing. With this solution, all the food is fresh and prepared in a special order.