Our delicacies

Polish cuisine is our speciality. Our Silesian cook conjures up unique dishes originating in tradition and culture of Silesia. This type of cooking is like a melting pot where a trace of various ethnic influences can be found. That is why Silesian dishes meet various needs.

Meat from a local processing plant, smoked in a natural way (smoking chamber on the premises of Katarzynka) gives our dishes a distinctive, traditional taste. The guest house cooperates with the farmer’s wives’ association. Cooperation with local producers helps us put new local goods into the menu regularly, and farmers provide products that are used in our own production of preserves. Surrounding old fruit trees provide us with fruit served to our guests – no chemicals used in cultivation. In winter they are mainly traditional Polish varieties of apples and walnuts, whereas in summer season fruit: sweet cherries, plums, currant and pears. Both home-made and classic wine is served.

Beer lovers can have unpasteurized beer from local breweries, including the brewery in Lwówek Śląski

Our restaurant is not open 24/7 but at our guests’ wish, who inform us about their visit beforehand. Therefore you can be sure that the dishes are served fresh and prepared specially for you.